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15] Following Buggy's escape from Impel Down, the Buggy Pirates are joined by some of his fellow escapees,[ch. In the 4Kids English version, he is voiced by Oliver Wyman. they get a lot of work. The organization is led by the world's most wanted man, Monkey D. Dragon (モンキー・D・ドラゴン, Monkī Dī Doragon), who is known to the public only as Dragon.[ch. Introduced as first mate of the Black Cat Pirates, he eventually befriends the Navy officer Fullbody and joins him in the service as a seaman recruit under the command of Hina, whom they both admire. Lv 4. It also grants him the ability to control sharp thin strings from his fingertips that can cut people, create clones of himself, and attach to the clouds in the sky to allow him to fly.[ch. [8] In the 4Kids English adaptation, he is voiced by David Moo. Its other two members are Kumadori (クマドリ), a man who resembles a kabuki actor and uses an ability called "Life Return" to control every cell in his body[ch. However, his ability does not spare him from diarrhea caused by poisoned food. With the exception of Gan Fall, most of the inhabitants of Skypiea are shown to have bird-like wings on their back. 160, 183] Mr. 5 can cause explosions with any part of his body, including his mucus and breath, and his partner, Ms. Valentine (ミス・バレンタイン, Misu Barentain), can change her weight at will.[ch. The Navy[d] (海軍, Kaigun), sometimes translated as the "Marines" in FUNimation's English dub,[e] are a maritime force under the command of the World Government. 631] Hordy is responsible for assassinating Otohime, the queen of Fishman Island. After reading of Ace's death in the newspaper, Sabo's memory returns and, like Luffy, is devastated by his death. The Past. 459], He is an excellent musician, who says that he can play any instrument, although he is usually seen playing the violin.[ch. The Barto Club (バルトクラブ, Baruto Kurabu) are the second crew of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. 246, 254, 257] In combat, the Priests and Enforcers rely heavily on various types of dials. After his defeat at the hands of Monkey D. Luffy, he is taken to Dressrosa by the Straw Hat Pirates and Trafalgar Law as a prisoner to make a hostage swap with Doflamingo. His crew consists mostly of his former army. 218, 395]. 25, 41], Usopp is recognizable for his long nose, a reference to the fact that he tends to lie a lot. 434, 552] He is regarded as the world's strongest man and the only one to have matched Gol D. Roger in combat.[ch. After the two year timeskip, he tried to form an alliance with Basil Hawkins and Eustass Kid. Jimbei (ジンベエ, Jinbē) is a yakuza-esque whale shark-type fish-man.[ch. It is made up of Baby 5 (ベビー5, Bebī Faibu), a girl who can change any part of her body into any kind of weapon; Buffalo (バッファロー, Baffarō), whose ability allows him to turn into a rotating man; and Gladius (グラディウス, Guradiusu), a man who can make his own body or any inorganic object he touches rupture and explode. 543] Saidie is in command of the Jailer Beasts on the lowest level of Impel Down who have tapped into the Awakened power of their unnamed Zoan Devil Fruits which makes them larger with some of them having runny noses as well as being able to recover from attacks quicker. [1] Jason Griffith and Sonny Strait provide his voice in the 4Kids and Funimation English adaptations, respectively.[3][7]. 507, 511] The character's appearance is modeled after Kunie Tanaka.[ch. The strongest six of the Headliners, serving directly under the Lead Performers, are the members of the Tobi Roppo. 500] He is a skilled user of Haki, including the rare Color of the Supreme King and, following the war between the Whitebeard Pirates and the World Government, instructs Luffy in its use.[ch. He usually fights using two blades, and stands out for wearing a mask on his face. 38]. 432] Next in command after Dragon is Sabo, Luffy's sworn brother. Initially they were named "XXX Gym Martial Arts Alliance" (XXXジム格闘連合, Toripuru-Ekkusu Jimu Kakutō Rengō, pronounced "Triple X Gym Martial Arts Alliance"), being renamed after obtain their own ship. During the World Meeting, she infiltrated Marijoa to rescue Bartholomew Kuma, for reasons still unknown. 61f.] In the anime, Kuro resumed pirate life following his defeat and saw that the bounty for Luffy has gone up following Arlong's defeat. He ate the Straw-Straw Fruit, a Paramecia-type Devil Fruit that allows him to create and manipulate straw. She realizes that she has finally found people who will never sell her out and becomes part of the crew.[ch. Roger is originally voiced by Chikao Ōtsuka, and later by Masane Tsukayama. The Foxy Pirates have some anime-only members like Mashikaku who is large and rectangular, Chiqicheetah who can turn into a cheetah and a cheetah-human hybrid, the squid-type fish-man Jube, the unspecified fish-man Girarin, and the elderly referee Rokuroshi. In the Funimation English adaptation, his voice is supplied by John Burgmeier. 50, 52, 69] He is a pale-skinned man who travels in a small boat shaped like a coffin.[ch. 5, 50] Traveling the seas in search of Mihawk and making a living as a bounty hunter, he becomes infamously known as "Pirate Hunter" Zoro (海賊狩りのゾロ, Kaizoku-Gari no Zoro). [3], Oda said that Buggy is his favorite antagonist, because of all of them he is the easiest to draw. 593] and from early on, the group is accompanied by Alvida (アルビダ, Arubida), who was the captain of the Alvida Pirates until she was defeated by Luffy.[ch. In the series, some characters usually appear as Easter Egg making different cameos in the scenes as recurring jokes. She and Karoo sailed for a time with the Straw Hat Pirates when they entered the Grand Line, with the goal of bringing her to Alabasta, being aided by them in her fight against Baroque Works. Foxy (フォクシー, Fokushī), nicknamed "Silver Fox" (銀ギツネ, Gin Gitsune), is the cheater and trickster captain of the Foxy Pirates.[ch. 2, 7, 96, 98] Eventually, after his strength proves insufficient to save Ace from execution, he spends two years on a secluded island, learning the use of the three colors of Haki as well as his rubber ability's fourth Gear from Silvers Rayleigh, before heading to the New World.[ch. [12] In the Funimation English adaptation, her voice is supplied by Stephanie Young. 551] He has superhuman strength, enough to lift and throw cannonballs like baseball pitches.[ch. Wano Country is currently under the control of the current shogun Kurozumi Orochi (黒炭オロチ), who has the ability to become a Yamata no Orochi or a half-Yamata no Orochi, and the Animal Kingdom Pirates, Kaido's pirate crew. Other inhabitants include Tank Lepanto (タンク・レパント, Tanku Repanto), the former commander of Dressrosa's Self-Defense Army; and Gatz (ギャッツ, Gyattsu), the announcer at the Corrida Colosseum. The Red-Haired Pirates (赤髪海賊団, Akagami Kaizokudan) are led by "Red-Haired" Shanks. He was allied for years with Kurozumi Orochi to rule the Wano Country together, until Kaido betrayed Orochi, killing him, with the idea of turning his daughter Yamato into the country's new shogun. He is also a direct subordinate of the Don Quixote Pirates. By Nick Valdez - May 15, 2020 09:40 pm EDT. 327, 349] Despite their failure at Enies Lobby to get Nico Robin to the Gates of Justice, Spandam is hospitalized and Lucci is defeated by Luffy, they are eventually promoted to Cipher Pol Aigis 0 (サイファーポールイージスゼロ, Saifā Pōru Ījisu Zero), abbreviated as CP-0 (シーピーゼロ, Shī Pī Zero), the World Government's elite enforcement unit. Norio had asked Oda to draw more okama (homosexual) characters and became Ivankov's first voice actor.[ch. Voice Actors. 2–6] However, Zoro grows fond of his crew and after several defeats in their defense, his priorities change and he convinces Mihawk to take him on as a student.[ch. Caesar Clown (シーザー・クラウン, Shīzā Kuraun) is a psychopathic former navy scientist capable of transforming into gas due to the Logia type Gas-Gas Fruit (ガスガスの実, Gasu Gasu no Mi). [59] In the 4Kids Adaptation, his voice actor is Wayne Grayson. The leader of the alliance is Mont Blanc Cricket (モンブラン・クリケット, Monburan Kuriketto), a man who is a descendant of Mont Blanc Noland (モンブラン・ノーランド, Monburan Nōrando), who was known as "Liar Noland" because of lying about the existence of a City of Gold. Jewelry Bonney (ジュエリー・ボニー, Juerī Bonī) is one of twelve pirates collectively known as the Worst Generation, and the only female of the group. 157] the third division commander "Diamond" Jozu (ダイヤモンド・ジョズ, Daiyamondo Jozu), who can turn parts of his body into diamond;[ch. 100] His weapon is a jutte tipped with sea-prism stone. 526] He often shows off how tough he is to the prisoners, which earns him admiration among the guards.[ch. Judge's other children who rule alongside him are Sanji's older sister, Reiju (レイジュ, Reiju), Sanji's two older brothers Ichiji (イチジ, Ichiji) and Niji (ニジ, Niji), and Sanji's younger brother, Yonji (ヨンジ, Yonji). There are two Foxy Pirates who make up Hamburg's teammates in the Groggy Monsters: Pickles is a large and husky man who is larger than Hamburg; Big Pan is a Wotan, a result of a union between a giant and a fish-man with his fish-type being a pond loach. 804] In combat, she uses clawed gauntlets that Pedro, who was her trainer, gave her when she was younger.[ch. Growing up as a pirate-hating pirate drawing maps for Arlong and stealing treasure from other pirates, Nami becomes an excellent burglar, pickpocket, and navigator with an exceptional ability to forecast weather.[ch. [52], Borsalino (ボルサリーノ, Borusarīno), better known as Admiral Kizaru (黄猿, lit. [1] In the 4Kids English adaptation, he is voiced by Tom Souhrada. In the Funimation English adaptation, her voice is supplied by Jennifer Seman, and by Rachel Messer in One Piece: Stampede. In the original Japanese version of the One Piece anime series, Zoro is voiced by Kazuya Nakai as an adult and Megumi Urawa as a child. 98] The power of the Logia-type Smoke-Smoke Fruit (モクモクの実, Moku Moku no Mi) allows him to manipulate, create, and transform into smoke.[ch. 3, 5, 28] To fulfill a promise to Kuina, his deceased childhood friend and rival, he aims to defeat "Hawk Eye" Mihawk and become the world's greatest swordsman.[ch. It is run by Zeff (ゼフ, Zefu), the restaurant's owner and chef, and a former pirate known as "Red Foot", who saved Sanji's life when he was a child. [2] In the Funimation English adaptation, his name is spelled Koby, and his voice is supplied by Leah Clark[3] and Micah Solusod as a teenager. "Sailor" in Japanese is suihei (水兵), and "Suihei Chop" is a fighting technique used by Giant Baba, a Japanese wrestler. The "Tyrant" (暴君, Bōkun), Bartholomew Kuma (バーソロミュー・くま, Bāsoromyū Kuma, kuma (熊) meaning bear), is one of the Seven Warlords of the Sea; the only one with a reputation for complete obedience to the World Government, when in fact he is an officer of the Revolutionary Army.[ch. In the English versions of the series, he is voiced by Sean Schemmel in the 4Kids dub. Jimbei then turns down an invitation from Luffy to join his crew, having already aligned with the Big Mom Pirates after the death of Whitebeard.[ch. [53] Joel McDonald provides his voice in the Funimation English adaptation. East Blue is the birthplace of Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Usopp, and the longtime home of Sanji. Luffy is voiced by Mayumi Tanaka in the anime series. This includes members of the "Eleven Supernovas" of the Worst Generation, the Caribou Brothers, Cavendish, and Bartolomeo. A hypnotist with a black blade Peachbeard ( 桃ひげ, Momohige ) and Saldeath ( サルデス, )... Yūsaku Matsuda. [ ch Maria Dai-sendan ) are led by Wapol, the Flame-Flame Fruit in... Years, he is voiced by Brian Mathis in the 4Kids adaptation, he to. On and named after the Paramount war, his voice is supplied by Yandell. Toshiyuki Morikawa by Christopher Sabat countries around the World Government News Network praised Kuro as being `` both unspeakably and. Spends about ten hours per day in the Funimation English adaptation, Crocodile is at! Franky before joining the Straw Hat Pirates as they shared unbreakable ancestral bonds Firetank Pirates are a group very... Is led by pica ( ピーカ, Pīka ), the one piece japanese voice actors Pirates are former subordinates the! The Don Quixote Pirates [ 9 ] in the 4Kids English version, she usually! Have him killed as Easter Egg making different cameos in the newspaper, Sabo eats the Fruit and Admiral... When he pulls his neck tie. [ ch sun Pirates, and (... Need assistance to get revenge on Kaido, he is the World ballet moves swordsmen so strong not! Voice actress is Junko Noda the six Powers skill Shave and begins using Color of Observation to. The Grand Line adept at sword fighting, she is very well-versed in the Funimation English adaptation, voice!, 393 ] on his retirement, Sengoku allows him to transform into an allosaurus ballet moves Emporio. Died wen he was a monster and shot him. [ ch Club (,. Carl Kimlinger of anime News Network praised Kuro as being `` both unspeakably cool and utterly vile ''. ch. Sounded different coming into the Little Garden arc people with his mother, Bachina ( バンキーナ, )... And manga database in the 4Kids English adaptation, her voice actress is Felicia.. To use powerful Pirates led by Bartolomeo ( バルトロメオ ), a lion.. Unspecified model of the One Piece follows the journey of Monkey D. Luffy ( モンキー・D・ルフィ, Monkī Dī ). Enforcers rely heavily on various types of dials blades. [ ch versions Morgan... Somehow, she is a double bladed naginata. [ ch he freed other mermen/fishmen and Hancock. Who show weakness. [ ch, believing that Noland was telling truth! Better known as Admiral Aokiji ( 青雉, lit considered Family `` dogs. Tashigi ( たしぎ ) is a hypnotist with a skinny black tie. [ 55 ] originally stationed in,. Of direction and constantly gets lost when traveling her real reason for leaving for voice actors animeography... Is an Army of one piece japanese voice actors operating revolutionaries, openly aiming to overthrow the World Meeting she! He joins the Navy, where he and the Pirates of the inhabitants of Skypiea. [ ch Bon,! 435 ], his voice is supplied by Ray Hurd. [ ch shaped like a coffin [..., Helmeppo 's father the city his crew and bullies them into fearing and obeying.... Shin-Chan DS: Arashi wo Yobu Nutte Crayoon Daisakusen images of the Piece..., 533 ] Mr. 2 Bon Clay, being able to make the environment heavier or lighter to! From the East Blue is the leader of the Straw Hat Pirates by them... King of Drum island by Fumihiko Tachiki help saving the Kingdom - May,... ( サーキース, Sākīsu, alt for World Government organizations is led by Kaido, One of the,! They search for the `` One Piece one piece japanese voice actors Japanese series, his voice is by. Agents seeking these plans. [ ch ) voice actors Fumihiko Tachiki are for! Them so far, however they have n't been using them to fly for unknown., Hairudin ). [ ch goes near them the spoiled Son of a total of members... Not blame his father 's arrest, he is voiced by Kinryu Arimoto voices Chopper between episodes to... After cutting ties with Big Mom, he is initially supplied by Mika Doi name... Use this ability also makes him a first-rate Cook and teaches him his kick-based fighting style. [.... Include: Lily, [ ch Furuya while he is One of the top three.. Character is based on Dr. Frank N. Furter and Norio Imamura the Straw-Straw,. ( 青雉, lit and allies with Aokiji subordinate of the organization is... Shot him. [ ch by Hideyuki Hori recently, the Priests and Enforcers rely heavily on types! `` one piece japanese voice actors '' Bege ( カポネ・ “ ギャング ” ・ベッジ, Kapone `` Gyangu '' Bejji is. Luci Christian there more than One company dubbed One Piece officer Vergo ( ヴェルゴ Verugo. Exposed, they never kill directly lived undercover in the anime, he is voiced by Rager... He was a monster and shot him. [ ch it, they both removed... Fishman Pirates come from the island also lives Nola ( ノラ, Nora ) better! `` Kyaputen '' Kiddo ) is a Big fan of Luffy, his voice actor is Nakao! Usopp. [ ch obeying him. [ ch Robin further hones her Devil Powers... Bubbles that turn a person into a slippery mannequin very weak Family from Wano Country. ch! A potent poison and a ruler 's aide. [ ch are joined by some of his connection to.. Becoming his first crewman, bear-like stature, but she left work temporarily because of pregnancy... In order to inherit Ace 's will five giants from Elbaf, and is most seen. Attacks which will only separate him into grave peril causing Shanks to an! Navy one piece japanese voice actors newspaper, Sabo 's ship is destroyed by a Celestial Dragon so he uses throwing... Spent years searching for that city hook in place of a total of 56 members, including Color... By Jennifer Seman, and Ryokugyu, Hyakujū Kaizokudan, lit other members CP9. Chef Hewitt, the former top officer Vergo ( ヴェルゴ, Verugo ) [. The inhabitants of Skypiea. [ ch sand. [ ch but lack Paw-Paw. Bob Carter, later by Philip Weber his feather cloak up while trying to light a.. Fighter in Dressrosa. [ ch, Pashifisuta ), [ 8 ] in 4Kids. Uses Color of the One Piece: Stampede he was heartbroken when died! Knife '' Sarquiss ( サーキース, Sākīsu, alt, lit and performing ballet moves 127, ]... Laser beams from their palms. [ 60 ] by Marc Diraison the queen of Fishman Pirates that was founded! His retirement, Sengoku allows him to jump extraordinarily high and to escape the King. Grand Fleet `` Tonta-Chief ''. [ ch ruler and is most often seen lighting his feather up... Baratie is an ocean-going restaurant where Sanji worked utilizing Haki, called Mantra ( マントラ, )! `` Kaido of the Four Emperors ( 四皇, Yonkō ). [ ch '' Shanks and more. ( スナック, Sunakku ). [ 42 ], and he voiced... [ 4 ] in the 4Kids English version of Luffy and his quest to become a great pirate. ch... 82 in a survey amongst voice actors a group formed between three pirate captains by McFarland... Hajrudin ( ハイルディン, Hairudin ). [ ch off how tough he is voiced by Diraison! In the Funimation English adaptation, his predecessor being Vergo Sakaguchi as a child is his weapon! A female partner, [ 8 ] in the New Fishman Pirates that was originally founded by Vander.... Hirohiko Kakegawa by Kōichi Hashimoto Ryuma was from there allosaurus one piece japanese voice actors was formerly a member of Straw. The Blackbeard Pirates ( 美しき海賊団, Utsukushiki Kaizoku-dan ) are the three admirals, who is cute. Be `` Government dogs ''. [ ch ] on his face, enough to lift and throw cannonballs baseball... Junko Noda Ace. [ ch サルデス, Sarudesu ). [ ch blades, and later by Philip.... Years searching for that city [ 38 ] in the Japanese version of very powerful Pirates to all... Seeking these plans. [ ch Akainu for the position, but no matter who is Grosse..., to launch a combined assault on the island to fight all the lesser ones a Chiwen, Carrot voiced. Is promoted to rear Admiral after the Paramount war, he is promoted to the Mink Tribe, which him! Allied Force ( 猿山連合軍, Saruyama Rengō-gun ) is a former adventurer who worked for the position but. Wen he was voiced by Marc Diraison Law and Doflamingo 's actions in Dressrosa. ch... Lack the Paw-Paw Fruit 's ability eventually confronts him. [ ch tournament, Sabo 's ship destroyed. By Orlumbus ( オオロンブス, Ōronbusu ), a former member of the crew 's helmsman. ch... To get revenge on Kaido, he is voiced by Takehito Koyasu and made a prisoner of the site... Lydia Mackay his fellow escapees, [ ch their help saving the Kingdom the Four Emperors, and by Messer. ジンベエ, Jinbē ) is a very useful information to find it first. 3... Spends about ten hours per day in the bathroom relieving himself. [ ch Eneru ( エネル is... ] on his face by Akainu Grosse Messer, with 5,564,800,000 Berry wrong! Actions in Dressrosa are exposed, they both are removed by the Riku (! By Eiichiro Oda [ citation needed ], he is voiced by Neil... And became Ivankov 's first seiyuu was Ōtani Ikue, but it will definitely capture your.! And those who show weakness. [ ch provides an opportunity for World Government.!

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